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As advised by Bishop Gregory Homeming, we are now able to open our churches for Sunday Mass, however some conditions will apply as follows.

  1. A distance of 1.5 metres between people to be observed including at entry to church.
  2. Churches are limited to one person per 4 square metres of space.
  3. This limits the Laurieton Church to a maximum of 45 people and Kendall Church to 32 people.
  4. People are asked to sit in every second pew. At Laurieton one person at either end and one in the middle. At Kendall one person at either end of pew.
  5. Note: Husbands, wives and families must also be separated. The only exception is infants and preschool children with an adult.
  6. People must sanitise before entering the church and must give contact details (name and phone/email)
  7. In order to spread the load of those attending, mass will be offered at the following times:

    Saturday 4.30pm, Saturday 5.30pm, Sunday 7.30am at Laurieton and Sunday 9.00am at Kendall

    Mass will also be at 9.00am at Kendall on Tuesday, & midday Friday Laurieton.

  8. Where possible parishioners are asked to please contact the Parish Office (either by email at or phone to 6559 8354 during office hours) to confirm which mass you will attend so numbers can be regulated.
  9. You will notice at the end of each pew disinfectant spray and tissues. We are asking those who attend mass to please wipe down the area where you have been sitting and the back of the pew in front of you at the end of mass and before you leave the church. Please pass the spray and tissues to others in the pew.
  10. No social gathering before and after mass at the entrance to the church and in the foyer.

The Bishop has advised that during this time that you are still dispensed from the obligation to attend mass, in fact, if you are unwell, you must stay at home. It has been made clear to us that if we fail to follow these requirements individual churches could well be closed down.

Thank you for your cooperation and looking forward to welcoming you back.

St Peter the Fisherman

St Peter the Fisherman
421 Ocean Drive Laurieton

Mass Times

Saturday: 5.30pm
Sunday: 7.30am
Wednesday: 8.00am
Thursday: 8.00am
Friday: 12.00 noon
Saturday        5.00 – 5.20pm
St John the Evangelist

St John the Evangelist
Laurel Street Kendall

Mass Times

Sunday: 9.00am
Tuesday: 9.00am

St Joseph's Primary School
St Joseph's Primary School

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